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client: Coffee Company

Slidevertising & WiFi Headlines

Coffee Company is Holland's largest chain of coffee shops (real coffee shops, not hash bars). As a popular meeting place for students and young professionals, CoffeeCompany strives to meld the online world with the offline world.
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Slidevertising & WiFi Headlines
Free Coffee
Free coffee for students who place branded CoffeeCompany slides in their class presentations. A new medium is born: slidevertising.
Free Coffee slides
These kids totally hacked the system, cheating the promo and faking in-class situations. But could we complain? Of course not, anyone who spends that much time engaging with the brand for a free cup of coffee is counted as one of the good guys.
'Wifi Headlines'

CoffeeCompany also had a problem with 'WiFi moochers' who came in to use free Internet without ordering any food or coffee. Rather than banning laptops, we used the WiFi network name to advertise different items on the menu.

Wifi Headlines 1
WiFi Headlines

Free Publicity
A week later, the project made headlines across the world.